Skin HEALTH facials

These skin treatments are all glow without the prep
- perfect if you need some skin love before an event, (after an event), or craving some "me time"



Enzyme Therapy for Skin Health, $160

Enzyme Therapy for Problematic Skins (includes extractions), $180

single pre-exfoliation, + $40  |  double exfoliation, + $75  |  Clinical LED Light Therapy, + $50

Whilst this treatment is big feature in our skin revision therapies, you can enjoy this skin treatment on its own and feel good that it's working on your skin function and not just topically. It's very plumping and hydrating, and perfect for a dull and sad skin. If you haven't had this treatment before, you may experience a rush of cell turnover in the following days, that could be a little red and itchy. Whilst it only happens to a few people on their first treatment, we will steer first timers in another direction if it's prior to an event.  It pairs beautifully with extractions, a gentle exfoliation, or light therapy, depending on skin goals. 



45 minutes, $120  |  60 minutes, $135  |  75 minutes, $150

Happy, healthy skin requires vitamins, amino acids and proteins - all of which you'll get from our Custom Skin Health Facial - tailored to your skins concerns. 

This is the perfect treatment if you have never had an advanced skin treatment before, your skin is in need of some love or you are in between advanced treatments and looking for some extra nourishment.

Your customised treatment may include:
Exfoliation · Extractions · DermaLux Clinical LED Light Therapy · Treatment Masks · Topical Infusion


CLINICAL LED light therapy

$95  |  Light Therapy Express Course of 10 (off peak)*,  $590

We use DermaLux, an award winning Clinical LED Light Therapy device for our skin treatments. With all three clinically proven lights at the correct depth and power to ensure the very best for your skin. Red light 633nm naturally rejuvenates the skin by accelerating collagen and elastin synthesis, increasing hydration and stimulating the microcirculation and lymphatic systems. Near Infrared light 830nm is the most deeply absorbed wavelength targeting the inflammatory process, accelerating cell and tissue repair and reducing melanin production. Near Infrared has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, restoring skin integrity for conditions such as acne, rosacea and psoriasis. The anti-bacterial action of Blue Light 415nm is clinically proven to inactive the bacteria that cause acne, reducing the appearance of further spots and helping to prevent further breakouts.

Enjoy 20 minutes of light. Allow 30 minutes for your appointment.

*Light Therapy Express Course of 10 (off peak) is available 10am - 4pm, Monday - Friday



20 minutes, $80 - $150
Clinical LED Light Therapy + $50

We have an extensive suite of clinical exfoliants to assist in removing what you don't like, give immediate relief from your skin condition, and fast track results. 
Working with a vast range of blends means we can choose the best exfoliation for your skin to give it that gentle nudge.



This treatment includes a specialty Detox formula that purifies your skin, acting like a liquid magnet drawing out and vaporising toxins (turns the skins toxins into a gas which evaporates from the skin).  Hardened sebaceous plugs are hydrolyzed with a disincrustation facial occlusion, allowing greater success for clearing pores. Post extractions, we finish with Light Therapy and a transdermal infusion designed to restore vital nutrients, proteins, amino acids and moisture at a cellular level. 



90 minutes, $250

Want the whole lot?! This is the perfect special occasion treatment for clients seeking the ultimate glow. This treatment includes an exfoliation and 3 x DMK Enzyme Masks all layered on top of the other. 
This treatment is best performed the day prior to your big event, however this is not recommended for clients that have not previously had a DMK Enzyme treatment. A popular choice for brides, and bridal parties.