Chances are that your makeup has at minimum, exacerbated your skin issue, and at worst, caused it. For some people this only confirms what they have suspected, but for many, it's not as easy to make this connection. Here's why - 

Most makeup brands are full of skin irritants, but unless you have an underlying skin sensitivity, your skin isn't going to react immediately - so it would be natural to think nothing of it. BUT, the skin is VERY resilient and irritation within the skin accumulates over time. Slowly but surely, your skin will get to a point when it's had enough, and will let you know.



The most common brands we see from our clients are Nars, Mac and Estee Lauder (though the cosmetic composition between all the major brands are very similar). These foundations provide optimal coverage and lasting wear. Why? Because they are designed to coat, cover and bind to the skin. By applying layers of silicone and emulsifiers they are giving your skin a 'lasting finish'. Are they doing their job?100%. Are they good for your skin health? No. 


so what makes a 'HEALTHY' foundation to use

Newsflash. Our skin isn't designed to wear makeup. I don't care how 'natural' the ingredients are, it's not natural for our skin, so let's get as good as we can get. What we look for are foundations that are mineral, non-comedogenic (won't block your pores), and contain no fragrance. Here we have put a list together of some brands that try really hard to be good to the skin. 

Note: This is not a comprehensive list, they are in no particular order, and some are better for your skin that others - BUT, all are significantly better for your skin than other over the counter options, and we know you have to like it - or you won't wear it.

Brands to try include:



In a perfect world we'd all be getting around foundation free right?! Back in the real world, here's what next steps look like for you:

  1. Find an A-GRADE mineral makeup brand that can become your go-to foundation STAT. It's true, they don't sit the same (because they aren't LOADED with silicone + + +), but they are going to save your skin, and they do a pretty good job. Plus once your skin starts to improve you won't need the coverage anyway. 
  2. Save your silicone sludge for your special nights out. Ideally you've popped it in the bin, but hey - we're realistic. 
  3. Remove your makeup when you get home FFS. I get that you may have had a big night out, but if you can make toast, you can cleanse your skin. And while we're here, go fad free and skip the 'sonic' cleanser. It's an overpriced face washer with a bunch of misleading claims. 
  4. Keep your brand name makeup. Put whatever you want on your eyes, lips, cheeks - we just have guns out for foundation (and other finishing products like primer). 
  5. Go foundation free as often as you can. Work, after work, weekends - whenever you can. This means embracing your skin. Do it. It's liberating.  

(If you know of any other clinical makeup brands that should be featured here, send us a shout out to investigate)