Body Enzyme

A deep Enzyme Treatment for the body that stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system. Great for revising loose, sagging skin, and for helping to tighten the stomach after pregnancy and weight loss.
Body Enzyme is also designed to be a breast lifting and firming treatment, is good for fluid retention and upper arms - working towards a smoother, tighter looking skin. Best results achieved as part of a program. 

Choose One Area: Stomach, Breasts, Upper Legs, Lower Legs, Buttocks  ·  60m, $170

Upper Arms  ·  60m, $150

Two areas  ·  75m, $235



Medi Pedi 


Put the spring back into your step. MediPedi dissolves dry, hardened and crusty skin build up from the feet without the use of any blades or sharp tools. MediPedi was awarded a Gold Tick from Harpers Bazaar magazine as a premiere foot treatment. For very rough feet allow multiple treatments.  

Facial treatments are our specialty.  Available as individual treatments or as part of a treatment program, each facial therapy can be performed once to breathe life back into the skin, adding glow and radiance for weeks to come - or built up over a series of treatments for true skin correction and skin management. Beauty salons, beauty therapy, beauty places and parlours, electrolysis, tanning, beauty treatments, facials, microdermabrasion, brazilian wax, laser hair removal, skin, cosmetic injections, fillers, botox, clinic, skincare, skin care, cheltenham, black rock, mordialloc, parkdale, Beaumaris, mentone, bayside. 

For Massage see Beauty Space